Welcome to Italy


The Siano Family

The Siano family began its tradition in the cheese business in Paestum, a small town near the Amalfi Coast in Italy that is known to be the epicenter of the Mozzarella production in the entire world.

In 2017, the family brought this fine art to the United States, in Charlotte NC becoming the first and only producer of mozzarella in the State. Siano Premium Mozzarella is a family owned and operated business that treasures their Italian values, such as dedication to premium quality and choice of the freshest, all-natural ingredients. There is no room for additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients in an authentic, traditional Italian Mozzarella.

Why Choose Us

Our Unique Things

We bring authenticity to your table with respect to the true flavors of Southern Italy carefully recreated in The New World.

“ Our mission is to bring true authenticity in a market plagued by mass production at the expense of quality. Italian food is all about simplicity and quality of the ingredients. This is what we are all about ”

Alfonso Siano, CEO & Founder Siano Mozzarella


What does Fresh Mean

Growing up in a town where you buy fresh mozzarella directly from the cheesemaker in the morning, our focus on freshness is absolute. We don't stock items, all our cheeses are made fresh and immediately sent to our customers.


Artisanal Approach

At Siano, all products are made in the exact same way they are done in Italy. No preservatives, stabilizers and/or chemicals are used in our production.
This will guarantee our customers the best quality cheeses.

How We Work

Quality over Quantity

At Siano, our work culture is deeply rooted in tradition, authenticity and passion. We believe that quality in food should be a right and not a luxury.